M I N D F U L // my one word for 2015

in 2015, i will be M I N D F U L.


mindful of my worth, of the worth of others. 
of the simple moments–the cup of coffee in the morning, the reading time on a rainy afternoon. and the grand ones–conflicts and pain and sickness and sadness.

of words and stories and the hope and the dark interwoven through it all. of truth and deceit, of good and bad. of struggle and peace. of imperfection and the beauty of it. 
of the things i love about myself–blue eyes, freckles, words and introversion, sarcasm and empathy. of the things i don’t love so much, and whether or not it matters.

mindful of life and living it.
i will think and speak mindfully.
i will work, rest, and play mindfully.

i will seek belonging and love from the right places—the places that love me as imperfect as i am and the places and people that keep me mindful, encourage me to think and and live and love well.

…and now mindful doesn’t sound like a word anymore because i have been saying it too many times in my head.


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