Five Minute Friday | begin


How do you begin?

Sometimes I begin with kicking and screaming. Other times I begin with a cup of coffee and a nice pen and my favorite journal. Sometimes I begin with a shot of gin with some ginger ale, a squirt of lime.

And then it begins.

Words come when you put in the work, and always the work begins when you do.

My advice to you? Do whatever it takes for you to get your butt in gear. Do whatever it takes for you to begin because you’ll never finish if you never start. I don’t care what it is. Just do it.

Do you need a 15-minute free-writing session before you can begin? Do that.

Do you need a glass of wine and some comfy slippers? Well, drink up, and I’ll get your slippers.

Do you need to cry it out? Scream? Curse? Fucking do that, and I’ll join you.

Then, let all of that go. And let it begin.

Trust me when I say: the muse will honor your work. But you have to begin. You have to make the first move. She’s old-fashioned like that–she waits for you to take the first step.

So take the first step. The muse is waiting.


Every Friday, join the blogosphere for five minutes of free-writing on a single-world prompt, and watch where the Muse takes you. Find out more about Five-Minute Fridays here.


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