Five Minute Friday | finish


You can garner enough gumption to start.

Sure, it’s hard. Sure, it takes work. But starting something? It’s a foot in the door. Or a toe. Or a finger on the door knob. A twist of the wrist to open the door.

Words on page, if you’re a writer. A story map. Or a 10-minute work-out, if you’re trying to get fit or lose weight. Or gradually smaller portion sizes, or a side salad instead of french fries.

But what happens a couple weeks down the road when your resolution starts to dissolve? And it will, because that’s what it does.Β 

Finishing is hard.

That’s why when marathoners cross the finish line, there’s a big to-do about it. Because they finished. Did they finish last? First? Thirty-second? Doesn’t matter. The fact that they finished is a big freaking to-do.

And it should be. Because when their feet crossed over the start line, they were full of resolve and goals and can-dos and yes’s and I got this’s. And maybe halfway through, they said, “Well, I made it this far, and that’s better than nothing, right? So I could just stop here because this leg cramp is killing me.”

But they didn’t succumb to that logic. They found that string of resolve they had at the start line, and they stretched it out (and maybe they stretched out their legs, too, because eff you, leg cramps).

And they kept going. Even when it hurt. And even when they forgot why they started in the first place.

So we clap when they cross the finish line. We may clap when they cross the start line. But we clap harder, cheer louder, whistle, and holler when they cross the finish line.

Because starting is one thing. But remember why you started in the first place and finishing is another thing entirely.

Finishing… finishing means you have to choose to start every. Single. Day. In order to finish, you have to wake up every day and choose to start. Again. And again. And again. Whatever resolve you had from the get-go to start, whatever motivation you had that made you do what you’re doing, you have to climb and claw and comprehend it and then find ways to multiply it and make it last until the home stretch.

And that’s why–


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