five minute friday | bloom


I really hate gardening.

I mean, I love a beautiful garden. I love flowers. I love home-grown vegetables. I love the greenness of leaves, the brown earth, the smell of nature and freshness and dirt. I love the way flowers look amid green trees and brown trunks.

But gardening? Ugh. You have to weed and dig and water and nourish. You have to pay attention to what kind of plants need what kind of care. You have to pull up the weeds from the roots. You have to bend down, squat, hunch over. Your hands and feet get dirty.

But your garden looks pretty terrible if you’re not willing to do all that.

You have to know your plants, too. I can’t even give you examples of what you have to know because I don’t know anything. All I know is that I’m terrible at it, and it’s more work for me than the average garden-keeping individual.

My mom and dad love gardening, though, and so does my mother-in-law. It’s therapeutic for them. They’ve always taken such good care of the lawns, the flowers, the trees. My dad is growing a vegetable garden, and he’s so excited about it. It makes him happy. It heals him, somehow.

Maybe it’s because they’ve learned how to be patient. They’ve learned what it takes to make something beautiful, something full of life. Time, patience, good intentions. Care, concern, and a love of beauty. The gift that nature gives back when you embrace it, meet it where it is, and vow to bring out its very best, to nourish the gifts it gives you.

I need to learn how to garden. Not in the literal sense, although our lawn and flowers do need a little TLC. I need to re-cultivate my love of beautiful things, my ability to be patient, to care for, and create beautiful things. I need to let creativity bloom like tulips in spring, to let beautiful things pop out of the ground as they come. To water the fruitful seeds. To give and give, to crate, to contribute, and to care for the gifts I’m given.

“Bloom, bloom, may you know the wisdom only time breeds. There’s room; bloom, and you’ll grow to follow where your heart leads. Bloom, and may you bring your colours to the vast bouquet. There’s room; bloom, and learn one thing: your gifts are meant to give away.”

from “Joseph: King of Dreams”

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